30th Reunion Interest Poll

Here are a few questions that would be helpful in making plans for our 30th Reunion!

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1)   * If you are interested in a 30 yr reunion, would you like to combine with another class(es)?

  Either is fine
2)   Would you be willing to help on a committee?

Yes No
3)   * Would you be willing to pay a deposit for your ticket to raise money for the reunion. This would only be an option if enough were interested in having a reunion.

  Depends on the amount
4)   What date range is best for you? **Multiple Answers Allowed

  Spring Break 2019
  Month of June 2019
  Month of July 2019
  Month of August 2019
  Fall 2019 (maybe around homecoming at school schedule)
5)   Where would you like to have the reunion take place? **Multiple Answers Allowed

  Only on James Island
  Anywhere in Charleston is fine
  At school gym
  On Folly Beach
6)   What format would you like the reunion? **Multiple Answers Allowed

  Adults only, one evening party event
  Family event, one evening only
  Both an evening adult event and a family event, same weekend
7)   What price range would you like to see tickets (per person)?

  Under $25
  $25 to $50
  $50 to $75
  $75 to $100
8)   What type of reunion event would you like to do? **Multiple Answers Allowed

  Cruise around Charleston Harbor
  Catered Dinner at Hotel or venue
  Something in the High School Gym
  Family Day/Picnic at JICP
  Something at Folly Beach
  Meet at a restaurant and everyone just pays for own meal